A Lifetime of Slides

The need to quarantine during the pandemic of 2020 gave us the time and opportunity to finally review and organize the many thousands of our slides. We discarded approximately 75% of those slides that were duplicative or not personalized, and organized the remainder. On our 60th anniversary we gave each of our children a flashdrive of the slides of them growing up. We also had a flashdrive made of some of our trips and family events. If we had not put our slides into such manageable form, our sons likely would not have spent the time and made the effort to do that so that they could enjoy these keepsakes in the future. We could not have done this without Rachel and Scrapmypix. She helped us organize this effort, and put this history of our family in a format which was much appreciated by our offspring and us. Rachel gave us exceptional customer service with a positive and pleasant attitude. We highly recommend her services.

Howard & Sue N

Memory Book of Pet

I can’t say enough good things about Rachel! When a beloved cat passed away, and my husband’s birthday was a month away, I decided to make a memory book about our cat as a birthday gift. Rachel helped me every step of the way. I knew nothing about organizing digital photos or making a photo book, and she taught me how to find and organize my digital photos, how to download CDs of older photos, how to use Mac “Photos” (especially the export and import function), how to select photos for the book, and, when I was finally ready with my selected photos, how to use an online photo book company to design the book. Her services also included editing my photos so they looked better, and reviewing the photo book to fix my errors and add some absolutely fabulous finishing touches! Through the entire process, I felt as if I were her only customer; she was never impatient and was very available and accommodating, even with my short timeline. She was simply wonderful! I recommend her highly and will definitely be contacting her again for help in organizing my large, decades-old hard copy and digital collection of photos.

Sherry C

Retirement Memories..

My Boss was retiring and we wanted to give her a gift which she would remember each one of us by.
I used Rachel’s services to help put a photo memory book together and she did a fantastic job. She understood exactly what we wanted and put together a very beautiful arrangement of photos. Rachel is very thoughtful, thorough, organized, creative and very professional in her work. She did a fabulous job, the materials used were of high quality, that everyone was impressed with the layout of the book. The recipient was in awe and was pleasantly surprised when we presented the book to her. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to make a memory book.

Hanna W.

My Grandma’s photos

ScrapMyPix is the best. Rachel Jenkins runs a tight ship. The work is great, and is done in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.

She helped me think about how best to organize and preserve my grandma’s photos, and not only that, we were working on behalf of my dad, which added another layer of complication, and she was always understanding and accommodating.

And the result is stunning! My dad and I love the photo albums (my grandma is deceased) and are looking forward to showing them to the rest of our family.

Randy W

Grandfather’s 100th Birthday Party

Rachel helped me take multiple old photo albums, and digitize the images so they could be shown as a slideshow at my grandfather’s 100th birthday party. The images spanned almost a century, and the original copies are very special to my family. Rachel took great care of them, even going above and beyond to protect some images from damage due to their aging album sleeves.

I would recommend Rachel and ScrapMyPix to anyone in need of the services they offer. I was more than happy with the finished product, and will certainly be giving them a call next time I need anything!

John A

Family Scans!

Your blessed boxes have found a safe home in a climate-controlled (sort of) closet here.  Your office must feel empty; all those voices you’ve immortalized now in a different ZIP code! I can’t wait to share your work with the “children” – and it will be soon as they will all be here this weekend, as you know.   You did a fabulous job; of course I haven’t had time to plumb all the layers you’ve arranged but it will be an education and a joy.  Thank you.

Molly E

Scanning Family Photos

Rachel just completed a tricky scanning job for me…she’s a pleasure to work with and knows her stuff! I’m a graphic designer by profession and was impressed by her expertise and the quality of her work. The turnaround was great, and the finished product is excellent. I’m so happy to have found someone local to do this kind of work for me!
Mim D

Graduation Video

I had the best experience, Rachel was professional, artistic, and kind. My work was done & ready in a timely manner. I will use her services again & refer her to others.
Jackie C

Family Photo Album

It is just beautiful, thank you so much.  I am looking forward to giving a book to each brother over the summer.  I’m am so enjoying looking at it all together, each photo I knew but now that it is organized it tell a story.  I’ll let you know how the brothers like it.

Teresa M

Cookbook Project

Rachel has helped me in so many ways. Whether organizing, digitizing, and preserving family photos or assisting in publishing my Mother’s cookbook, Rachel will finish each project professionally. She personalizes her services to assure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend ScrapMyPix!. Thank you, Rachel!
Ann G

Capturing memories

For each of the four first years of our twins lives Rachel has helped us to create scrapbooks that memorialize the highlights. I say she “helps” really meaning I snap the pics on my iPhone throughout the year and she does the rest – selecting the good ones and organizing them into a beautiful way onto the pages. Each year we order copies not only for ourselves but the grandparents as well – they love them. Thank you Rachel!


Steve A

Baby 1-Year Album

Rachel created both of my children’s first 1-Year baby albums from photos I collected. The albums were extremely beautiful, organized and exactly what I imagined. The process was professional and easy. Highly recommend!

Jennifer R.

Rachel has created several…

Rachel has created several photo albums – capturing our most precious memories over the past several years. Rachel’s albums tell a story – pictures annotated with meaningful text – surrounded by beautiful colors – each creatively and uniquely designed. The final albums are always of top notch quality – all of which are proudly displayed on our coffee table. Rachel is the absolute best!

Barry R.

Great orientation…

Great orientation session… Excited to work with Rachel.

Debra F.

Rachel scanned my photos…

Rachel scanned my photos so that I could use them in a photo book project. She uploaded them to Dropbox, so that I could use them right away. She showed me examples of her very professional projects. She’s personable, professional, timely and helpful. Great experience.

Cathie T.

Due to our project…

Due to our project with you…I was forced to review my/our entire life in photos while overlapping with the complex change and goodbyes in our lives with our move. At times the emotions were overwhelming and yet as I continued with both ventures…there was an amazing satisfaction and familiarity with my task. I thank you for your kind-gentle support and encouragement as I believe I/we would never have attempted going thru our myriad of photos with anyone else. It was your unique personality that guided me and gave me the courage to plunder onward.

I have no regrets…only gratitude to my sweet Mim for recommending you and to you for our brief and intimate connection.
Once I get settled and begin my new life I will revisit some of my goals with our photos…but I could not leave without thanking you!

Kim W.

When I found out…

When I found out I was expecting my first child, the responsibility of properly preserving old family photos suddenly felt even more urgent—and daunting! I was adamant about not wanting to mail or hand over my photos to some random scanning service when a professional organizer recommended Rachel as a great local resource.

When Rachel came to my home she efficiently set about unearthing the many boxes of photos throughout the house and setting up a workspace. She then very patiently guided me through the process of deciding how I wanted to organize my photos. I really appreciated how she treated my not-so-well-kept memorabilia as if it were her own. After our sorting session, she expertly scanned my collection into searchable electronic files. I can now access any image or series of photos in minutes! I am so relieved to have tackled this project. Rachel was fun, professional and very good at keeping me focused. I recommend her service to anyone faced with sorting through and preserving decades, generations, or even simply baby’s first year. Now that everything is organized, I can finally get around to printing and displaying some of my favorite photos and I know Rachel has a lot of creative ideas for that as well!

Mary T.

I purchased Rachel’s services…

I purchased Rachel’s services as an anniversary gift for my parents. A lifetime of photos were stuffed in half a dozen boxes and Rachel helped us organize them all. This was no small feat as Rachel had to convince my mom to part with many duplicates–something she does not do easily! We purged nearly half and filed the rest in a system that allows us to easily find a photo from any year. Rachel’s services were invaluable and the neatly filed photos would not be possible without her help. Her enthusiasm and easy-going personality made what could have been a frustrating task enjoyable. I plan to use family photos at my upcoming wedding reception and am so relieved that 25 years worth of photos are at my fingertips.

Meredith L.

Very professional…

Very professional and an asset to any organization.

Ann T.

She is organized…

She is organized, personable, and patient. I refer people to her all the time.

Sheila Z.

Some time ago…

Some time ago my wife and I took a trip to Province and, naturally, we had taken a lot of snapshots. Although our pictures were stored in a pocket-type scrapbook, we wanted something more enduring. I noted a “ScrapMyPix” advertisement and gave Rachel Jenkins a call. It didn’t take long before she had beautifully copied each photo onto a CD, so that we could view them easily on our computer. That wasn’t all. We were translating a WWII memoir that was first published in Polish in 1948. Our publisher required high-quality copies of illustrations from the original book, and Rachel did the job. We couldn’t have been more pleased. The memoir, “Shavelings in Death Camps” by Fr. Henryk Maria Malak, will be published by McFarland this fall, and you can be sure we’ve thanked Rachel in our Preface.

Tom Tucker


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