Scanning & Digitization

You’re not alone if you have discovered boxes of photos and negatives or carousels of slides tucked away in a closet or basement. Or maybe you’ve inherited your parents collection who inherited from their parents. Now that you’ve found them, it’s time to create a plan to protect them and place them back into your family’s life.

If your photos and slides come to us with curation in place, we’ll use that structure to name your files and keep your organization so that you can use what works for you to search for your new digital images. If there’s not a structure in place, we can assist you with that as well. Our goal is to hand back your project better and more organized than when you delivered it to us. Starting with organization prevents you from trading in the physical mess for a digital one. We’ll even help you select the best archival storage for your printed photos, slides, negatives and memorabilia. In most cases new archival storage solutions require less space. So if you’re downsizing, this is a great place to start.

Digitizing slides is one of our favorite projects here at ScrapMyPix. Often times families have not seen these old slides in many years. With technology and scanning best practices we can digitize your slides so that you can view them with ease and start sharing all those fun memories. You won’t need the projector and the white refrigerator door to view them anymore! That’s what we used to do. You can even print and enlarge your favorites.

The ScrapMyPix team does all the scanning and digitizing of your family photos, slides and negatives right in our shop, so rest assured they will be in good hands.

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