Legacy Photo Box
“How much is this going to cost” is obviously what everyone wants to know.There’s not an easy answer to this question. What I can tell you is that there is no magic wand to organize and digitize. My profits would soar if there was! Many times these projects involve decades of photographs and memorabilia that didn’t become disorganized overnight so investing some time and money is not unusual to do it right. In the end you’ll have a manageable new process for both your printed and digital photos and maybe even a book or two.

Photo Scanning Services:

Scanning prices determined on condition and age of photographic material or document and how you are planning to use the image. You can expect to be in the average of $.75 to $1.20 per scan.

We scan printed photographs, negatives, slides, heritage documents, scrapbook pages, albums, letters, memorabilia.

Images will then be returned to you on a hard drive, thumb drive, uploaded to a cloud service for backup and sharing or an archival DVD.

Premium dpi scanning available upon request.

Additional charges may be required for disassembling and re-assembling albums or storage containers.

Photo Organizing Services:

Half day sessions are $360.

Custom Albums:

Custom Albums are just that…custom. So in order to determine pricing, I consult with you and determine pricing based on number of images, number of pages, size of album and design style preferences.


Each project is unique so we’ll need to see your photograph first before we can give you an estimate.
Pricing subject to change