Photo Organizing Services

We’ve all got a photo project lingering. Organizing your pictures and memorabilia whether printed or digital is typically the first step toward that end goal. Whether it be a family history book, travel photo album or just reducing the footprint of your photo collection, getting all your photos in one place and organized will be a great place to start.

Before you can display your favorites, you have to find your favorites. We’ll devise a rating system that works for you. We’ll get them in order and likely reduce the size of your collection. Imagine what it will feel like when all your photos are in one place, and imagine how you will feel when you need to find a picture of Aunt Sally and you find it within just a few minutes.

Starting with a client intake, we will gather information about your family and overall objectives. We’ll discuss the parameters around which we will organize and from there we will begin organizing your collection for you. When we’re finished, we’ll return a beautifully organized collection that you will enjoy sharing with your family. From burden to legacy.

For those preferring more “hands-on” involvement, in 2020 we are launching PixLab. We’ll be coaching you through the process to get your collection organized. We’ll provide the space, tools, knowledge and accountability. You provide the photos, time and desire to get it done.

Are you ready to let us help you turn a burden into a family legacy!

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