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Rachel Jenkins

Headshot of Rachel Jenkins

In 2010 I had an idea and as it turned out, it was a pretty good one. In honor of the years I dedicated to working on books for my own family, I called it ScrapMyPix. While our business name suggests we do traditional scrapbooking for our clients, it’s really evolved into so much more. So don’t let our name fool you!

Since starting ScrapMyPix in 2010, I think it’s safe to say, we’ve never had a project that doesn’t have an interesting story attached. And that’s what this is all about—preserving and archiving our stories. Everyday our team gets to work with people who have interesting photos, stories and a desire to save them. We are in alignment with our clients’ core values of preserving their stories – everyone has a story, a legacy, that deserves to be preserved and shared.

How did I get here? Well, through a lot of hard work and perseverance (and maybe a little luck). I have always known that I have an entrepreneurial spirit, and after years in the corporate world I realized it was time to do my own thing. I dabbled in a few non-corporate things but my young family soon became my priority. When “they” say timing is everything, it’s the truth. This little idea that was percolating started to grow and mature, just like my family. When the little ones slept or were in preschool, I was working on my business. Each year I had more time to dedicate to clients and investing in my knowledge base.  I was able to design a business model that would be fulfilling, solve a problem for people, and provide the flexibility that allowed me to take care of my boys. The entrepreneurial leaf did not fall far from the tree. I’d seen my dad—a self-employed carpenter—spend a lifetime doing what he loved. His example and his memory are always with me. The smell of freshly sanded wood in his workshop floods my memory.  In fact, his work table now has a prominent position in our shop. We are preserving your legacy on a table with it’s own legacy, and I can’t wait for you to see it!

I have always had a passion for photography and having my boys reignited that. Consequently, I became equally enthusiastic about scrapbooking our family’s photos. I wanted those photos someplace other than my computer. I remember saying to my girlfriends, “I wish someone would pay me to do this!” That was the moment ScrapMyPix was born! I soon discovered that most people did not have the time or the desire to cull through their photos on their own in order to hand off photos for a book. The evolution of my business was underway.

I quickly learned that traditional scrapbooks were not the optimal end result to help families reach their ultimate goals of being organized and having books to tell their stories. Families were not only feeling overwhelmed with their own photo collections but they were also being “gifted” with their parents shoeboxes and bins of photos. My background in technology and software and my desire to always be learning something new was being put to the test. I was entering a whole new world of professional scanners, software and training to provide clients with tailored archival solutions that match their preservation needs. As ScrapMyPix evolved, I discovered that the required ingredients include strong communication skills, creativity, organization and technology—that’s our secret sauce.

My promise to you. I’m dedicated to continuous learning and utilizing new technologies so that our staff can provide you with the best possible outcome. Our membership and professional certification through The Photo Managers is just one of the ways that we do that, but it doesn’t stop there. We keep up with the latest techniques and equipment so you don’t have to. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money making new memories instead of purchasing equipment that will gather dust and leave you feeling frustrated? Let us do the heavy lifting.

The best part is that it’s not just me anymore. When you visit the ScrapMyPix shop, you are greeted by a team of professionals who is as invested in preserving your story as you are. We’re ready to share our experience and knowledge with you and turn your project into something you can enjoy and cherish instead of being the project you’ve avoided. You’re in the no-judgement zone here too, so no more feeling guilty about those photos you’ve been stashing in bins. Are you ready to check this project off the list? I know you are!


Check out this 5-minute video for my perspective on what your photos can do for you and your memories  “How a Handful of Pictures Triggers a 1000 Memories” Filmed at Ignite Howard County 

Liz Trapuzzano

Photo Book Designer & Organizer

Liz is more of a photo magician, really. She joined the team in 2017 and has been an integral part of the ScrapMyPix formula – including the design of the fabulous ScrapMyPix logo. As a Photo Curator she transforms the photos you have stored into organized, edited collections and photo books that can be shared for generations.

After graduating from Towson University, Liz worked with the Maryland Science Center as a Graphic Designer. With the experience gained there, she began a freelance graphic design career after her daughters were born. As the girls began school, Liz was ready for new professional adventures and joined the ScrapMyPix team. When she puts down her photo magician wand, she enjoys running and binge watching Netflix with a delicious bowl of ice cream. We love working with Liz and so will you.

Chris Albano

Photo Curator & Organizer

Chris joined us in what started out as a temporary gig. She was between jobs and knowing what a photo and history buff she is, we thought she might enjoy what we do here. As it turns out, #ScrapMyPix, ended up being a bit more than temporary. Chris is loyal, detailed and only wants to do the best job for our clients. She can organize a client collection like nobody’s business. She’s also our company cheerleader. If you want something fun organized, Chris is your gal. With Chris here, we never miss a birthday or other reason to celebrate. Her favorite photos are from the early 20th century. So glad you chose to stick around!

Fun fact: She’s also happens to be my sister-in-law. She also has some highly competitive tendencies. So be careful if you’re planning on playing any board games with her.

Mary Zentner

Photo Curator & Organizer & Camera Scanning Photographer

Mary, Mary….What was she thinking? This is her 2nd time around with us! This time around is a little different here in our new space. Mary worked with us in the early years when #ScrapMyPix was still in a 10×10 office at home. Talk about work-from-home environment. It was cozy to say the least.

Mary is an impressive artist and is a lovely member of our team. She spends most of the time in our camera room where it’s often kind of dark and quiet, but when she appears, she’s always got a smile on her face and a great laugh. She’s incredibly detail oriented and brings a great energy to the team. We are thrilled she decided to come back to us!

Fun fact: we both have kids almost exactly the same age. Literally…They even played together when they were little, but I’m not sure any of them remember that now…

Chuck Siwinski

Photo Curator & Organizer & Camera Scanning Photographer

Chuck is a documentary photographer with a strong passion for photo history! He has been working with film photography for the past ten years, and is experienced in 35mm, 120, 4×5, 5×7, and 8×10 sheet film. He grew up in Chicago and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, where he was the Vice President of the Analog and Digital Photography Club. He recently released his first book documenting truck drivers in the south, a passion project he plans to continue here in this region. Chuck moved to the DC metro area in the summer of 2022 and joined ScrapMyPix almost immediately. We are thrilled to have this talented and passionate photographer on our team.