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Rachel Jenkins

RachelJenkins-3I have been creating custom photo albums since 2010 and over the last few years my passion for creating albums has evolved into my dream job. I have used my experience as the self-appointed family historian and archivist to help others create and protect valuable family photos, memorabilia and documents. Combine my love for photos and their stories with my technology-geek tendencies, and I think you’ve got a great marriage. It’s where your legacy meets technology. And if you’re not comfortable with technology, that’s okay too. We’ll help you bridge the gap.

I never imagined I’d have a career I love by helping families that feel overwhelmed by photo projects. It all started with creating albums for my wedding/honeymoon. I think that first album may look like my 5-year-old put it together but I can assure you that my style has improved. I married my husband Paul (also a technology geek) in June of 2003 on a beautiful island in the Turks and Caicos. What better place to get pictures. A few years later Michael was born and the drive for album making continued. By the time Declan came along in 2008, I was fully immersed. I get so much confirmation that it’s worth the time when I find my boys sitting in the living room with albums pulled off the bookcase and they’re looking them over. I just want to help others know that feeling. Our pictures and histories are one of the finest gifts we can give our future generations.

I’ve learned so much about protecting photos from the numerous contacts that I’ve made over the years with scanning and restoration projects. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you and turning your project into something you can enjoy and cherish instead of being a project you dread. You don’t need to feel guilty anymore about those photos you’ve been storing in the basement and attic. As a certified member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, I continue to gain knowledge and training in many different facets of photo care and management. I am serious about staying up to date with new technology and making sure we will be using the most efficient systems and safest products for your important photos and memorabilia. I like to think of myself as a personal trainer for you and your photos. Together we’ll get it done and you will feel so liberated. I will help you find solutions for all those shoeboxes of photos and drawers of flash drives.

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