Professional Photo Services

RachelJenkins-4Photographs are a vital collection of many households, as they help tell the story and encapsulate a certain period in history. Whether its photos of past generations, or recent snapshots taken at a special family gathering, photographs allow us to celebrate our history, and remember where we came from. ScrapMyPix provides photo organizing services to bring your photos and stories back into life.

My name is Rachel Jenkins and I’m a certified personal photo organizer. Since 2010, I have helped many clients reorganize and safeguard their photos to ensure they can forever enjoy their priceless and irreplaceable collection. Regardless of the extent of your photo project, ScrapMyPix can provide you with the expertise, guidance and execution needed to organize your photos in a way that suits you and allows future generations to enjoy those special photographs.


We’ve been extremely fortunate to help families and businesses preserve their stories by retrieving photos from the shoeboxes and organizing them in a unique fashion. Once your collection is organized and/or scanned, we can protect the originals with appropriate archival supplies.

Although based in Columbia, Maryland, and serving the surrounding Baltimore, Washington, DC, area for onsite organizing, we can also work virutally with clients from just about anywhere. We can remotely organize your digital collections and create a custom photo album for your family to treasure.

Contact me and learn what it takes to get started to organize your photo collection.